Take on our £50 team challenge - turn £ into ££££ for the hospice!

Teams from local businesses, clubs, pubs, as well as local team of friends and family, are being challenged to turn £50 into thousands for Michael Sobell Hospice. Each participating team will be given a crisp £50 to kick-start their fundraising activities. The money raised will go towards patient care at Michael Sobell Hospice.

The hospice will provide the initial seed investment and then it’s up to you to put your entrepreneurial and money making skills to the test.

The £50 Challenge us all about using your business or fundraising skills and innovation to generate as much money for the hospice as possible – businesses may wish to use the challenge as a team building exercise and a way of testing your imagination.  Or your team may want to take part for the fun factor!

There are no limits to how you raise money - legally and ethically of course!

You could run fundraising events at work, hold a raffle or auction, set sporting challenges, organise social activities to raise money, or even invest your £50.

Contact Ophelia Chambers-Henry for more information on 020 3826 2353, or email ochambers-henry@michaelsobellhospice.co.uk.

Good luck and may the best team win!