Supporter Paul Newton is aiming to lose three stone in weight by October, for Michael Sobell Hospice (MSH), which cared for his Mum (Marilyn Newton) during what he describes as the “hardest time in their lives”.

Paul, who recently performed a ‘Magic & Mind Reading’ set on stage at the Twyfest Festival raising over £160 in donations to the MSH, commented: “We spent almost 24 hours a day at Michael Sobell Hospice in the last week of my Mum’s life. At the same time, they looked after our families, myself, my brother, our Dad and my sister-in-law.”

He added: “I remember a time at the Hospice when my brother David and I had fallen asleep on the sofas. We looked awful because we hadn’t eaten, drank or even slept properly all week. When we woke up someone had put a blanket over us both, made toast and tea for breakfast – exactly how we like it. We never knew who had done this, and they never expected a thank you from us. They just wanted to look after us. If it wasn’t for the care and support provided by Michael Sobell Hospice, I honestly think we would have fallen apart.”

Talking about his forthcoming challenge, Paul said: “I want to lose three stone at least and have just joined Slimming World. From there, I’ll decide if I want to do more. I’ll be aiming to achieve this by October 22nd, exactly six years to the day Mum was taken from us.”

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