Juliet Poulton lost her husband David to cancer in August 2016. He spent his final few weeks being cared for by Michael Sobell Hospice (MSH).

Juliet describes her experience:

“Although this was my first experience of a hospice, the care was simply marvellous. It was tailored specifically to my husband David's needs as they arose, and as much as was possible. The approach from the doctors and the nursing staff was warm, very attentive, open and honest.

"I could see that David was being looked after by people who really cared. I saw real kindness and compassion from them all. This also includes everyone else he and I came into contact with; housekeeping staff and volunteers too. Near the end of his life when I became quite anxious about what was going to happen to him, the senior sister sat me down and spent time talking me through the probable scenario and physical processes that were playing on my mind. The most stand out moment for me, was actually seeing him pass away peacefully (which had been one of my real fears)."

"It is difficult to sum up Michael Sobell Hospice in just a few words but some that spring to mind are: kind, caring, reassuring, homely, calm, attentive, sincere and comforting..."





Juliet and David Poulton 2