The Patient and Family Support (PAFS) team helps with psychological and social difficulties, and is made up of a social work team manager, four part time palliative care counsellors, a creative therapies art leader and twelve bereavement counsellors.

Support is offered through counselling and a range of expressive therapies. Our highly trained and experienced patient and family support workers offer patients, their children and carers professional knowledge and skill.

By affording people this expertise and the time, privacy and opportunity to talk through their fears and anxieties, people often feel that they can take more control of their situation and accept it more comfortably. This can be carried out individually, with couples or the whole family. Creative therapies are offered in the Day Centre but can also be offered on the inpatient unit if this is required.

A key concern is to enable and empower patients and their carers to inform and adequately prepare their children and adolescents about the severity of the illness and what to expect.

The patient and family support team also advises and assists with matters such as home care, nursing home placements etc.

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