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Support and Wellbeing Service

The Support and Wellbeing service is a partnership between Michael Sobell Hospice and Harlington Hospice. It is free and available to all people living in the London borough of Hillingdon and surrounding areas.

The support services are made up of a variety of different professionals who offer emotional and psychological support, personalised care planning, physiotherapy, complementary therapies, and bereavement care to you and your family. Normally, these services are delivered in the hospice and across the community but all face-to-face events have been cancelled in compliance with Covid-19 guidelines. But we are now able to offer these services online to patients, carers and the wider community. Click on any of the events below to learn more and register to attend.


Online sessions and activities

Here is a list of our wellbeing and support sessions provided by the therapy teams at Harlington Hospice and Michael Sobell Hospice. All of our live events and activities are delivered using a video calling software called ‘Zoom’. If you are not familiar with using Zoom we can help you with this.

Tripudio Class

Dementia Carers’

Exploring the challenges of caring for someone with Dementia.

Creating a care plan together

As part of this service, we will help you to prepare a care plan which is designed to help you maintain your independence and enhance your quality of life. We will help you to make the right choices for yourself and those you care about.

We can work with you to design the care plan that best suits your needs. This might include therapies to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing. Or it could also include clinical planning if requested.

All our Support and Wellbeing services are available to you, those close to you and your support network.

If you would like to speak about a care plan for yourself or someone you care for please contact Debra Morgan or Nickey Bhogal on 0208 759 0453 or email


What our patients and their families say:

It was brilliant in terms of the practical and emotional support I received from the staff, volunteers and other patients.


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