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Bogdan goes to Romania!

Bogdan has been an inpatient in Michael Sobell Hospice for a few weeks’ now, since developing serious complications from his lung cancer. He has lived and worked in the UK for many years and this illness has been a tragedy for him and his family.

Since coming into the Hospice, his partner, Violeta, and son John, have been able to spend precious time with him every day. One of Bogdan’s wishes was to visit his home again in Romania. This looks really unlikely now because of his condition and the pandemic.

So…we have taken him on a trip to Romania via virtual reality, which has given him great comfort. He was able to visit his home town, his favourite haunts and beloved countryside. Research has shown that when people are ill, being near ‘home’, even when it is another country is really important.

Virtual reality technology is getting easier and cheaper to use and can open up a whole new world for people who are too ill to travel. The various apps can be used to help people who have anxiety or breathlessness to relax, but also to relive memories, journeys and holidays from the past and to enhance wellbeing in the present moment.

The equipment we used has been lent by one of the doctors – we would love to own our own virtual reality kit to transport patients around the world!


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