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Hospice: 020 8106 9201 - Fundraising: 020 3826 2367

An easy way to fundraise is to collect your spare change either at home, at your place of work or in school.

Home Collection Boxes

Our new home box is for you to place the loose change from your pocket or handbag. Raising money is easy. A little goes a long way to supporting our work. You can put one of our boxes on the end of your desk at work and ask colleagues to put their loose change in it!! Funds raised by our supporters using our home boxes was a whopping £3,038 last year.

Collection Tubs

Collection tubs are suitable for putting on the reception desk at work, on the counter in shops and pubs or for use at events. They come with or without a chain and last year raised nearly £15,000. If you would like a home collection box or collecting tub, please ring 020 3826 2367 or email

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