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Has writing your Will been something that you’ve been thinking of doing for ages? You are not alone. Over two-thirds of people living in the UK have not prepared a Will - meaning their money, property and other valuable assets could be left with someone they haven’t chosen.

It is important you speak to a solicitor or professional Will Writer when drawing up a Will. Good legal advice will ensure your wishes are respected when you die and can help you to minimise the inheritance tax payable on your estate.

There are two main options available:


1. See a Solicitor. If you have your own Solicitor already or if you would rather speak to a Solicitor face to face, then you should contact them. If you have an estate worth more than the inheritance tax threshold, if you’re on strong medication, are worried about mental capacity issues or if you have complex needs, you should also speak to a Solicitor face to face. You can use this link to find a solicitor.

Please note, Michael Sobell Hospice Charity does not recommend or endorse any particular Solicitor or Will Writing service. Please ensure you get the best advice for your particular circumstances.

2. Make a Will online. We are working with online partner Make a Will Online. If you feel comfortable about what you want to include in your Will and are happy to do this online go to and turn your intention into reality.

The charity will be charged for you to make your Will (£39.50 for a single Will or £49.50 for two Wills) but you will be given the option at the end of the online process to make a donation to cover this cost.

Whenever one of our supporter makes a Will online using the link above we will be informed about it.  We’ll know a Will has been made and what has been gifted to us.  If you wish, you can also choose to share your name with us - we'd love it if you do because we can contact you to say ‘thanks’. If you would rather we didn’t find out about your gift, you can use this link instead to make an online Will.  Whatever you choose to do, we are hugely grateful for your generosity

There are three types of gift that you can leave in your Will:

RESIDUARY LEGACY: Once all other relevant payments have been made, you leave a percentage of the value of your remaining estate. People often remember a charity through a residuary legacy because the contribution is specified as a percentage of an estate, which means it is more likely to retain its value over time than a pecuniary legacy.

PECUNIARY LEGACY: You leave a fixed amount of money. People often choose a pecuniary legacy if they want family members or other people to receive the bulk of their estate. The effects of inflation can, however, result in the real value of a legacy being less than intended, unless a Will is reviewed regularly.

SPECIFIC LEGACY: This is a gift of specific items like personal possessions, land, buildings, or investments such as shares or money in a specified bank account.

If you choose to leave a gift in your Will to us, please make sure your Solicitor or Will Writer uses our full details.  We are “The Michael Sobell Hospice Charity”, our charity number is 1079638 and our registered address is Mount Vernon Hospital, Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, London, HA6 2RN.

For further information on leaving a gift in your Will please contact us.


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