Ophelia Chambers-Henry
Community & Corporate Fundraising Manager
Anne Purdie
Business Manager
Anne is responsible for the day-to-day business administration and organisational governance of the Charity. Working closely with the Board of Trustees, Anne supports in the creation of strategic plans, policies and procedures, as well as being the principle business management contact for key internal and external stakeholders and supporters of the Charity.
Elizabeth Akeula
Finance Manager
Victoria Mansell
Charity Volunteer Officer
Victoria recruits and supports volunteers for the Michael Sobell Hospice fundraising and retail functions.
Freemen Tang
IT, Graphics & CRM
Freemen’s role is to develop marketing materials for charity activities across all departments, management of the website, admin support on our CRM and providing on-site I.T. Support.
Maria Ambrose
Northwood Shop Manager
Maria manages our Northwood Shop looking after a dedicated team of volunteers.
Elaine Howell
Ruislip Shop Manager
Elaine is managing our Ruislip Shop with the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers.
Mags Wheatley
Eastcote Shop Manager
Mags manages our Eastcote Shop and has a fantastic team of volunteers.
Andy Smith
Volunteer Warehouse Manager
Andy is our warehouse manager leading a team of dedicated volunteers.