Following a review by East and North Herts NHS Trust, and in discussion with the Board of Trustees of Michael Sobell Hospice Charity, the difficult decision was made to relocate the in-patient service of Michael Sobell Hospice to the main hospital block.  This decision was made in the best interests of the patients and their families and the care that is needed.

The relocation was as a result of current concerns about the inpatient unit environment whilst a permanent solution is sought. The Hospice Day care services remain in the newer part of the building, and that service to patients continues to be fully funded by the Charity.  The Charity also continues to fund and support patients in the relocated service.

The Board of Trustees have instigated a series of listening and engagement events with a wide section of the community, including our staff, volunteers and NHS providers, to consult with as many people as possible on a future model of care and potential locations. The Board of Trustees have set up a working group to consider all of the options being presented and will provide regular updates as the work progresses.

We very much appreciate the support shown for the work of the Charity with the recent petition, addressed to East and North Herts NHS Trust as providers of the service.

As we go forward we will continue to put the care of local people in the community with palliative and end of life care needs at the centre of our plans for the future.

We will keep you regularly updated with our developments via the Charity’s website:

Thank you for your support.

Board of Trustees

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Every patient should experience a journey towards the end of their life that is peaceful, comfortable and free from worry and pain.

Michael Sobell Hospice provides care, comfort and support for local people facing life limiting illnesses.  The Hospice is a special place, where patients and families can spend precious time together, on the Mount Vernon Hospital site.

Our professional team offers medical, nursing and emotional care along with practical support for patients, their families and carers. Our aim is that every patient should experience a journey towards the end of their life that is peaceful, comfortable and free from worry and pain.

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£5 pays for enhanced nutritional snacks on the patient snack trolley
£7 pays for one minute of hospice care
£20 pays for a complementary therapy session in the Day Centre
£100 pays for 3 months of essential oils for complementary therapies
£1000 pays for a week of specialist nursing care from a trained nurse for one patient
£2500 pays for one week’s basic stay in the In-Patient Unit